Made mouth dead

Recently in a small town in Upper Austria. The most reactionary party in Austria had called for the election campaign to begin. In order to prevent the citizens from expressing their opinion in the context of a rally, the party registered such opinions in advance at the entrance to the location, which then did not take place. The purpose of the action was to banish unpleasant voices who might dare to express criticism of the machinations of that political association to a place where they could neither be heard nor seen.


Human rights require animal rights

Whoever says that he has nothing to do with animal rights, because there is so much suffering in the world that affects people and one must first strive for human rights and their enforcement, commits a straightforward misunderstanding. Because human rights and animal rights and their implementation require that one has respect and veneration for life. Who tortures animals does not stop even in front of humans. Whoever glances at the sight of an animal only the Euro signs in the eyes, makes it also with humans. This is why it is high time to speak neither of human nor of animal rights, but of the right to live. One of these fundamental rights is that every living being has the liberty to unfold freely in its surroundings, according to its nature, in the social association which is typical of it. This alone shows how fully human rights depend on animal rights.

Cows live in herds. Usually. Cow mothers have a gestation period of about nine months, like humans, and then suckle for eight to ten months with their milk, which is adapted from the composition to the needs of the cow baby, and in humans cancer, osteoporosis, etc.. provokes. The offspring are introduced into the social association and are growing up in it. During the period of milk production, the mother’s body is subjected to enormous amounts, so that she loses weight even when she is given the best food. This would not be further in nature, since she also knows a period of recovery.