30 Years – In the Name of the Animals

It’s a terribly cold day. That doesn’t stop activists from the VGT (Association Against Animal Factories) from gathering in front of an animal exploitation facility, holding banners, showing pictures of the horrors and calling for an investigation. Because whether the weather is nice or not, the animals in the industry suffer in all weathers, at all times of the day and night, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year and even when they are being transported to their execution. A lifelong suffering, against which the VGT has been campaigning for 30 years, and the successes it has been able to achieve speak equally for its successful work, as does the number of opponents.



Ladies and gentlemen!

The terms benign and malignant are mainly used in medicine. We know cancer sores and others. Cancer sores are malignant. There are others that turn out to be benign because they don’t cause any significant damage in the body but are there. You can remove them if you want, but you don’t have to. The former, the cancerous growths, the malignant ones, have to be radically tackled at the root, treated and eradicated forever, which is not always easy from a medical point of view, e.g., when the ulcer is in the head. However, these medical facts only serve as a template for the ulcers that are rampant in our society and can be benign or malignant as well. The distinction is easy to make. Are these designed to harm society and its conditions as we know and appreciate them or not? So that you know what I mean, here are a few examples.