There is no escape, not for her and not for all the others, hundreds of their companions. From the beginning she had no chance, she and all the others, because she had been born as slaughter cattle. It was decided. It was decided for her that she should be born to be murdered. Fattened up quickly. It only takes a few months. Too short a lifetime. But that was why she was born to serve the people. It was their property, with which they could do whatever they wanted. What is more, God himself had sanctioned it, had said that man could deal with other creatures as he wished. At least that’s what they say.

But what kind of God is that who approves of other living beings being brutally massacred? What kind of religion is it that demands that our fellow creatures be subjected to unnecessary torments?


What not to say

I would like to try again the definition of veganism of the Vegan Society from the year 1979, just to determine clearly from the beginning what forms the basis for the following statements:

“Veganism is a way of life that seeks – as far as practically feasible – to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty against suffering animals for food, clothing and other purposes; and subsequently promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. With regard to nutrition, this means doing without all products that are wholly or partly obtained from animals.“


Circus – The Suffering in the Arena

When you think of the circus, it means glitter and glamor, women in tight costumes and men in tuxedos, fearless acrobats and funny clowns, but above all mistreated animals who have to show things in the ring that completely contradict their natural behavior. If you take a closer look, you inevitably get the idea that these creatures are not only torn from their natural habitat, kept in tight cages for many days a year, no, they are also humiliated every evening during their performances by: imposing human will on them – in front of a laughing audience. Nobody has reservations about showing this farce to children. Because what do children learn?


Zoos – public display of immense animal suffering

The focus is on the animals, it is said. Then you should ask the question why the entertainment area with display lanes, show booths and other amusements in zoos is taking up ever more space when visitors are only interested in the animals. Finally, we drag our children in rows to the zoos to teach them about exotic animals, to instill in them love for the living, it is said. You don’t have to train children to love this living thing, because they have it from the start. You can only train them. One of the best ways to do this is to visit an animal shelter. Quite apart from the fact that most visitors do not spend more than a minute in front of the respective cage, which suggests an enormous amount of interest, the type of exhibition primarily conveys that it is okay to remove wild animals from theirs tearing ancestral territories, putting them in tight, musty, bald cages, removing them from their social organizations and owning them. The lesson from this can only be that we as humans take away the right to capture free individuals and to control them. The emperor of the animals struck again. Therefore, it is probably better not to look too closely, because that could trigger an empathy boost. But luckily, we are so dull that the mentally disturbed elephant or monkey, which keeps rocking back and forth in the same way, does not stand out. You just keep going. Of course, many animals have an outdoor enclosure that is still an affront to the areas they roam freely. How can you learn about natural behavior, as many zoos claim? The animals have to spend the winter months in the inhospitable indoor enclosures anyway, the nights in tight boxes.


Domestic-, Farm- or Use-Animal?

„So, you only have your dog for fun!“, said the gentleman, prussian imperious, whose passion would have been easily recognizable, but it was my first real meeting with a representative of this guild, so I naively returned
„Yes, and you don’t.“
„No, dogs are there to be used and not to be fun for people,“ he replied, trudging on. Easily recognizable, by the green tweet in which he was dressed, the hat with the chamois beard on his head. His bitch was as old as my dog, barely half a year and it would have been so nice to see her raging across the fields, but she wasn’t allowed to, after all she was a working dog, a dog for use.


New Year’s Eve – the worst of all nights

Days before and even afterwards you can hear fireworks popping occasionally. It seems that they ignite every time I try to walk my dogs. When my bitch hears this, she immediately pulls her tail and just wants to go home. I can forget about walking, for now. I’ll try again an hour later. But it’s worst on New Year’s Eve. That day, too, I try to go outside, which my four-legged friends are looking forward to, but some fool always shoots somewhere that day, whether at eight in the morning or at three in the afternoon.