Happy Mothers Day

When Stella came to me that morning and greeted me happily as always, I already noticed her restlessness, but also the anticipation of what was to come. It was her first child.

„I’m sure you’ll do well,“ I whispered in her ear.


Mother’s Day?

And she saw the mothers
who cried for their children
because they were taken from them
hers from the forced births
emaciated bodies,
because the market demands
and society.


Vegan is bodily harm: Child Nutrition

Vegan nutrition is extreme, radical and low in nutrients. So, there is still the popular opinion, which is also strongly relined. The fact that these statements are wrong and must be wrong should seem logical to anyone who does not allow themselves to be indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical or meat lobby, because even the universally recognized food pyramid declares a proportion of 75% vegan as good with a balanced diet. If you take a closer look, you can see at first glance that animal products only appear at the top, which means that they should be enjoyed in moderation. In contrast, the daily consumption of vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes and fruits is recommended. These foods make up the bulk of the vegan diet. This is often overlooked and facts do not matter to the average consumer, because the real motives for turning the pyramid upside down have a lot to do with habit, tradition and, above all, persistent indoctrination, in which the relevant industries invest a lot of money.