Left alone

Timo curled up very tightly in the farthest corner of the shack in which he had been locked. The first snowflakes rolled gently down and he froze terribly. But much worse than the cold was the loneliness, the terrible fear of never being able to see his mother again. But he was only in the world for a very short time. Shouldn’t he snuggle up with his mom, drink with her? He curled up a little more. As far as it went. Well, his shack was thickly padded with straw, but the cold still stayed and even the thickest layer of straw didn’t help against the loneliness. Especially not against fear. But what happened? Why did he have to be there? He heard his mom calling. She couldn’t be far away. Still, he was here, and she was there.


Blood, Blood everywhere

We sit in the cave and stare at the wall, not tied up, at least not by physical shackles, but held by conventions, social agreements and apparent inevitability. We do not move so that we can give ourselves the illusion that we are bound by shackles. Only when we moved would we notice that there are no shackles. Illusion of a perfect world in view of the downfall, because the pictures tell us. No, it’s not bad, it’s good. We just have to keep going like we did before. Do not let yourself be distracted from the previous path that was successful. All live in prosperity. All have a refrigerator and a car and a television. If you don’t have it, it’s your own fault. A path of success if you just sit well and stay true to the illusion.


No Meat From Abroad

“We don’t want to see meat from abroad on our supermarket shelves!” Is the tenor, “Not even at the trusted butcher, who you know anyway that the animal lived happily before it was sausage and filleted. You know everything. The animals in Austria are doing well, very well in fact. After all, we are among the countries with the highest animal welfare standards in the world, as announced by Minister Köstinger, Minister of Agriculture in our beautiful country. And she must know. So it’s also true. Because politicians never lie.


Human, do you know what are you doing to me?

Human, do you know what it feels like when your family is destroyed?

Can you understand how I suffer
When I get pregnant every year
Just so that my child will be snatched away from me
My girl they put in the calf crate
Where I can hear them
Call out to her
And yet I can’t take care of her
So close,
Forever lost
My son,
whom they put in the van,
One more baby
To send him thousands of kilometers to his death.


Day of the Mother

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day, her special day
Breakfast is made for her, optionally brought to bed
Ham roll, soft egg, coffee with milk
„How nice it is to have my children around me,“ she thinks,
“To be with each other, maybe we will go on a trip”.
And while she is allowed to be a mother
i.e. being allowed to be with her children,
does she not think about it
that there are millions of mothers in the world
where the togetherness at this very moment
is denied with their children,
forced to give birth
never be allowed to be mothers
for ham roll, soft egg and coffee with milk.


The Christian Mendacity

„I am the way, the truth and the life“, John (14,6) says in his Gospel Jesus. The way we go, the truth we proclaim and the life we should respect. But most Christians, whether in the hierarchy up or down, do not care. But what do Christians have to do with Jesus? Aha, he went the way? That can be, but that is too much trouble for me. They hear the message, every Sunday, leave the church and do it very differently. For what lines their way is mendacity and death.


Easter – The Murder Festival

Easter, I always thought, and that’s how I learned it, is the feast of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, who came to earth to redeem people. So much for Christian teaching. That is why people flock together on the Day of Resurrection to praise the one who has overcome death, the last lamb that has been slaughtered. They sit there in awe, listening devoutly to the words of the priest who praises this victim and glorifies it. The church is dumb and humble, the preacher verbose, but while this final conquest of death is celebrated and marveled at, the good news is heard with a frozen expression, even the house of God, as it is so euphemistically called, is full of death than it is it is customary to bring our fellow creatures to this resurrection mass in dead form. There they stand in front of the altar, to which women have no access, the baskets with the bodies of the dead, neatly chopped into pieces and arranged. But not only that the priest doesn’t hunt them to hell with the murder victims, no, it is also blessed. In summary, while celebrating the resurrection and rejoicing that no more sacrifice is necessary, millions of victims are offered. God’s creation is buried while Jesus leaves it. An obvious contradiction that is not seen.


Always at my side

I sit on the stairs that lead to the front door of my grandparents‘ house and try to collect myself. When was the last time I was here? It must have been many years. Nothing is what it was then. My grandparents were long dead. Now my aunt lives in the house, but that’s not why I hate coming here. Because even back then, when they were still alive, nothing was as it was before. Before then, it was a happy time for me, those first years of my existence. I actually grew up here with a black spaniel by my side for as long as I could remember.


Dr. Basti Builds Bridges

“There he is, our animal lover”, says the farmer Adolf happily, “Come on, sit down, have a snack with us. The finest bacon from our happy pigs and a schnapps. Do you drink schnapps? A stone pine. Schedule yourself. It’s not like the horrible, spoiled stuff from the supermarket.“ „Thanks for the invitation,“ says Basti, „But I don’t want to make any fuss.“

“Oh, what a circumstance. Whatever you have to be so complicated, you townspeople, but you will also learn,“ says Adolf, „Listen, Alosia, bring another place setting. The graduate eats with us.“

“Yes, really, simple people with us,” says Aloisia as she walks through the kitchen door into the living room with a broad smile, “But that’s an honor. And that when he talks so well about us, the doctor. Not like the others. That’s right Adolf.“

“Well what, you can take it easy,” replies Adolf with conviction. “But Adolf, look what you’re saying,” interjects Aloisia shyly, while she puts the board with the snack in front of the doctor from town.

„We’ll just talk about how we’ve grown up, you have to excuse us,“ explains Adolf.


Profit as an all-encompassing justification

I’m standing in front of a stable, of course on a public dirt road. The doors and windows are tightly locked, but the screams of the pigs that are cooped up in this barn cut through the delicate illusion of rural idyll and leave a heap of broken glass. If I move even one step forward, step on the farmer’s property, I am violating property rights. Ownership is paramount. “The radical animal rights activists break into stables, that’s wrong,” it sounds like in my ears, “and what is right must remain right. Period. ”Yes, period, because in my property and with my property, I can switch and do what I want. Is that really true?