Unexpectedly vegan (3)

Sabrina looked at him for a long time before replying, „Do you eat meat?“
„Yes, but only very little and…“ Detlev tried to assure her.
„I didn’t ask how much or little or anything else, just whether you do it,“ she cut him off, „Did you tell me? I mean that’s how you eat?“
„No, but that’s normal. Most people eat meat,“ he said evasively, „You don’t have to tell me that. One assumes that. But if someone is vegan, then you have to say so.”
„You mean like you have to say right off the bat that you’re gay because it’s normal to be straight?“ she asked.
„Well, probably because someone is getting their hopes up and thinking that she’s just as normal as I am and then the big awakening will come,“ he said, rather unreflectively, only to add in shock, „Do you perhaps also want to say that you are you a lesbian?”