How fortunate to live in a Constitutional State (1)

Imagine you are lying in bed in your apartment. Next to you your partner, the children in their rooms. You are in a place that offers you warmth, safety and security. Here you feel safe. The door locked. Not much can happen. It’s three in the morning. The time when you sleep the deepest. Maybe you have a nice dream right now. From the trip with the kids last weekend. Or from the last sunrise hike. When you are suddenly jerked out of your sleep. Hooded figures, all in black, weapons at the ready, break open your door and drag you out of bed. But not only you, but also your partner. They don’t even stop at the children. Stuck against the wall just like you were dragged out of bed. In pajamas or even naked. Didn’t you think you would be safe here? Didn’t you think it would be a place where nothing could happen to your children? And this is where this raid takes place. Out of the blue. Completely unpredictable.