Self-Proclaimed Animal Rights Activists

It is interesting that the word “animal rights activist” is associated with the attribute “self-proclaimed” in most cases. Anyone who has a little sense of language can understand that this is meant to be pejorative, discriminatory and disrespectful. But what exactly is so disparaging about the attribute “self-proclaimed”? That is probably related to our common notions of expertise. Only someone who has learned something is allowed to call himself an expert. Everyone else gives themselves a title without having a clue of what they are doing. This term is often used by farmers and hunters or others who either earn money from animal suffering or have fun with it.


The Future is vegan (1): Three Stages of Truth

In the middle of the night, somewhere in Holland. The door of an animal rights activist is broken open, mind the executive, and she is arrested and her car is confiscated. The reason, the police had such a feeling. No reason, no suspicions.

Change of scene to beautiful Austria. During a hunting observation, mind you from a public forest path and outside the actual hunting area, an activist is knocked down, choked and robbed by his camera. The judge said that this activist was only acting and the attackers were acquitted.

Also in Austria, an activist receives threatening letters from hunters who think they have a shot load left for him and that they will set fire to his house. Normally, this would have been a threat to the public. Since it is an animal rights activist, there seems to be no need for action.