Ariman, the 14-year-old son of a Kurdish family who lived on the third floor of an apartment building, turned around on his trials bike as usual. The only strange thing was that Martha Gruber, the bitter old lady on the first floor, had not yet expressed her displeasure. Until now she had never let a day go by without taking advantage of every opportunity that presented itself. After all, she has something to complain about in everything. „Don’t drive so fast“ or „Don’t be sore if you hit something“ or „Don’t make such a lot of noise all the time“ were some of the verbal attacks against the boy. „Remember she only lost her husband a year ago,“ Liloz, Ariman’s mother, would remind him every time he came home saddened by such attacks, „Now she’s all alone and Christmas is coming up.“ She was right, Ariman had to admit. He had his family, mom, dad and two sisters, only the old woman had nobody. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. There was Cora, her Golden Retriever bitch, who was also elderly, and with whom Martha Gruber went for a walk twice a day, always at the same time, always the same route.


you animal you

insult, „you animal you“.

bestial, unbridled, excessive, immoral, depraved, derogatory, degrading.
reset to a non-communicative, pre-linguistic level.
subjected to pure instincts.

appreciation „you human you“.

reflective, intelligent, gifted in languages, moral, restrained, self-confident.
lifted out of the unconscious nature.
only obeying the intellect.
human is valuable.
the animal is worthless.
human is animal.
biologically speaking.
we don’t want to hear that.
human is too civilized to be nature.


The Mechanization of the Uterus

Christian sat down on the couch. Martinique to the ground. She always did that when she wanted to think freely. connectedness. Even if it was just the floor of a room.
„It used to be a mystery, a secret,“ Martinique began to share herself and her thoughts, „Then people discovered the mystery, demystified it. We now know about the connections and the process.”
„It’s wonderful to know,“ said Christian.
„Of course, it is,“ affirmed Martinique, „But what has been done with the knowledge? The female animal was degraded to the living brood chamber in which the fetus or embryo matured. The normal process of pregnancy and childbirth was snatched from her and subjected to technology. So, to a male domain. The baby to the product and property of the creator of the technique. Ultrasound is used to observe how it develops, the birth under the guidance of a doctor to a process that no longer requires the intervention of the birthing machine. You know better.”
„But modern medicine has also helped many,“ Christian interjected.


With the Rope in Hand

Wistfully he looks around, the donkey, which I am leading by the rope, for the first time, wistfully back to his pasture and his comrades. They were allowed to stay there and continue to graze and go where they wanted, at least within the fence, without a halter, without a rope. And those who stayed behind in the pasture look after those who are being led away, where are they going, when will they come back, will they come back at all?


When you think that that thinks

Modern man calls himself Homo sapiens, which means something like understanding, understanding, wise, clever, clever, reasonable person. It also means that this modern human, with all his rationality, is not only the crown of creation, but also has the largest brain of any primate, our closest relative, which enables him to fulfill the very attributes he ascribes to himself. Even the philosophers who have taken on human beings and want to fathom their nature disagree on many things, depending on their own orientation, except those human beings not only have reason, but are capable of using reason, otherwise it would be It is probably idle to ask him to use his own understanding, as Immanuel Kant does. It is also that reason which distinguishes man from all lower creatures.


I wish you an Encounter

In the middle of spring, the time of blooming, I felt myself fading. Just at the time of the new beginning, I sensed an end in myself. During that hopeful time, desolation reigned in me. Paralyzing abandonment and sluggish slimy absence of noises, not even silence, reigned in me. The spring had dried up where it had just bubbled so abundantly, and when I stepped outside the door, just to go around the lake to do something, when I walked across the meadow, I set a certain goal Eyes, the going away, and the return, then I saw him.