The Panda Bear has a hard time (2)

The agent kept a lookout. Finally, she thought she could walk a few steps upright when she heard a noise no doubt made by heavy construction vehicles. Again, part of the forest was cleared, because more living space was needed, more arable land, more space for entertainment and shopping centers, more and more, claimed by people. „If the forest is cleared bit by bit,“ she thought, „the space available to the wild animals will become smaller and smaller. They get closer together. Single individuals meet and the transmission of pathogens is facilitated. If there is enough space and an animal fall ill, then it keeps to itself and dies. The pathogen goes down with it.”


What Fur really means

We all know that the Stone Age people ate meat and that is why they have become as smart as we are today, so smart that we destroy everything we can find. Very impressive. But that’s only half the story, because the Stone Age people, who were supposed to be our role models in everything, also wore fur. Of course, because organic cotton and hemp fibers did not exist yet. So, you had no other choice. But how did the human female get her fur, because we are so well informed that we know that only the human males hunted while the human females sat at home waiting for the big, strong males to return from their forays. Just as it corresponds to the biologically prescribed roles. Males as hunters – this is how they stalk each other on the supermarket shelf today, at the risk of their lives to get hold of the styrofoam pack and using all their strength to drag them home while the females sit in the safe den and wait for the prey. But we digress, it’s about the fur.


Agony Product Leather

Leather is everywhere, be it in the form of shoes, bags, accessories, clothing or furniture. It is a material that is considered durable and robust. In addition, it is breathable and comfortable to wear. Nevertheless, leather is the skin of dead animals.
„When the cows are slaughtered, the skin remains and is then processed into leather, so that it is actually quite efficient,“ is still the prevailing opinion and the leather industry does not contradict, because it sounds very reasonable. If the animals are already slaughtered, then there is nothing to be said against the fact that their skin is used. Would it be if it were true.

In fact, one billion (1,000,000,000) animals are slaughtered for leather production worldwide. The main producers are China and India, whereby the cows are often cut off their feet while the body is alive and the fur is removed. When they are transported to die, chili are smeared in their eyes if they can no longer go on. The skin is thrown away when meat cows are slaughtered. Leather is a pure animal product. But not only cows are slaughtered for the leather industry, more and more dogs and cats are also used. If you wear leather or use it to furnish your home, you should know what its comfort means for the animals. But not only animals suffer, people do too.


„A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy“ (Ingrid Newkirk)

„Anything that can be misunderstood will also be misunderstood“, should be another axiom of communication or at least be given as a warning, because you can actually turn everything that has a little content in such a way that the content is deliberately devalued or vice versa becomes. This is also the case with the sentence by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk „A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy“. Quite apart from the fact that this is a highly condensed statement about the nature of the living, probably a little striking, but completely insightful in the basic essence, if you want to have an insight. Now, however, it is quite common to boycott the sentences of those who see themselves as lawyers for our non-human fellow creatures.


Domestic-, Farm- or Use-Animal?

„So, you only have your dog for fun!“, said the gentleman, prussian imperious, whose passion would have been easily recognizable, but it was my first real meeting with a representative of this guild, so I naively returned
„Yes, and you don’t.“
„No, dogs are there to be used and not to be fun for people,“ he replied, trudging on. Easily recognizable, by the green tweet in which he was dressed, the hat with the chamois beard on his head. His bitch was as old as my dog, barely half a year and it would have been so nice to see her raging across the fields, but she wasn’t allowed to, after all she was a working dog, a dog for use.


Ignorant, more ignorant, human

„Veganism is one of the greatest, most beautiful and gentle discoveries of humanity, because it offers the opportunity to live without killing or torturing animals, it frees from the compulsion to deny and repress, it does not harm anyone and sets with all these huge energies free. And by the way: The planet can hardly be saved more easily and cheaply.“ (ZEIT-Magazine)

Everything speaks for it, nothing against it.
To live vegan means to cause no harm.
To live vegan means to protect nature and not to exploit it any longer.
To live vegan means to defeat world hunger.
To live vegan means to protect biodiversity.
To live vegan means to be healthy.
Everything speaks for it, nothing against it.