Abused for Hunting

Most people who have ever observed a bird of prey in the wild are amazed by its elegance. It is almost an exhilarating sight to see these powerful birds soar through the air, sometimes almost stopping, before pouncing unerringly on their prey. Unfortunately, you see them less and less, because the effects of environmental pollution do not stop at them. It is all the greater the pleasure of being able to observe these aesthetically pleasing and at the same time so powerful planes in the wild. At least that’s what normal people think.


The Panda Bear has a hard time (1)

The special agent crept silently through the thicket in her super camouflage robe. She had an explosive, top-secret mission to fulfill. This was to find, catch and isolate the panda bear. After all, he was suspected of being the cause of one of the most serious epidemics of modern times. “The corona virus, on the other hand, was a trifle,” the agent was told, whose name may not be given for security reasons, not for data protection reasons. That’s why she now crawled through the undergrowth, using every camouflage, because after all, a panda bear was a pretty frightened creature. From time to time she just lay still and listened to the lush green surroundings. So far, she had found not one, but several tracks that could match her panda bear, but she had not yet seen him himself.


What Fur really means

We all know that the Stone Age people ate meat and that is why they have become as smart as we are today, so smart that we destroy everything we can find. Very impressive. But that’s only half the story, because the Stone Age people, who were supposed to be our role models in everything, also wore fur. Of course, because organic cotton and hemp fibers did not exist yet. So, you had no other choice. But how did the human female get her fur, because we are so well informed that we know that only the human males hunted while the human females sat at home waiting for the big, strong males to return from their forays. Just as it corresponds to the biologically prescribed roles. Males as hunters – this is how they stalk each other on the supermarket shelf today, at the risk of their lives to get hold of the styrofoam pack and using all their strength to drag them home while the females sit in the safe den and wait for the prey. But we digress, it’s about the fur.


Murder for base Motives

It happened in one of the harshest winters sometime in the 19th century. in Austria. One family suffered from cold and hunger. The summer harvest was meager and so the hermit family, the parents and the six children sat around the table and knew neither in nor out. Father couldn’t hold it anymore. He got up from the table in silence, took his shotgun out of the cupboard, and went out to the house. Nobody said anything. Nobody tried to hold him back, even if everyone knew what he was up to. Poaching was a serious offense. And that’s what he would be guilty of. The wild animals that were there belonged to the owner of the forest, the Count, who was allowed to shoot as much as he wanted, just for fun and to drive away the boredom.


The Blessing for Death

Especially in the business of death, there are a variety of rituals and traditions. This applies equally to the soldier’s as well as the hunter’s stand. And who would be better suited for serving as a master of ceremonies for carrying out some such rituals than the Catholic Church?

Here and there weapons are blessed. A special ritual in the context of hunting is the so-called Hubertusmesse. This takes place every year on 03. November, on the feast day of St. Hubert, the patron saint of hunters. It is said that the legend of St. Hubertus should tell us that as a hunter you turn away from the hunt for pleasure and turn to the care and nurture all. However, if you look at the life story of the saint mentioned a little more closely, you must you realize that this capture is not necessarily justified or the conclusion that is drawn.

Hubertus was a nobleman who, out of sadness over the early death of his wife, indulged in hunting. He did it to forget the pain. One day he saw a white stag. After Hubertus had pursued this magnificent animal for days, it apparently stopped, turned to the hunter. Between the antlers appeared a cross. Jesus himself wanted to alert Hubertus to saving his life. Then Hubertus laid down his arms, not to devote himself to the care and nurture, but to give away all his possessions and become a priest.

This day is therefore taken as an opportunity to bless weapons, hunters, dogs and dead animals. In the end, there is probably something to be seen about what is going on throughout the history of the church, the fraternization of the church with the nobility. For a long time the hunting was a privilege of the nobility, who by no means had to feed themselves from necessity, but saw it as a pastime, while people who hunted not to starve were persecuted and condemned as poachers. A remnant of this feudal fun hunt can still be found today in the hunting lanes, which are still allowed in four federal states in Austria, and in which bred animals are hunted. This combination of authority and church is therefore still celebrated and displayed, which is very apt in a democratic society.

But it is also fitting in that the church, by its very mandate, has a genuine relation to death. That’s why it’s only fair that she gives her blessing. For who believes that man is the crown of creation, he also believes that he can do whatever he wants with his fellow creatures. It also includes murdering them as the mood takes you.