Prestige Object Reptile Leather

A crow saw all beautiful peacock feathers lying on the floor. He did not think long and decided to pry her own bland plumage a little. He simply stuck the beautiful peacock feathers between his own plumage. Proud of his new feather splendor, he went into the middle of a group of peacocks to share in the newly gained elegance.
But oh, they didn’t think it was funny and threw themselves on the crow and plucked not only the strangers but also quite a few of his own feathers. When the vengeful peacocks let go of the crow, the crow stood plucked and much poorer than before. And the moral of the story: You don’t adorn yourself with strange feathers.
This is the story of the Roman poet Phaedrus in his fable, from which the phrase „adorn yourself with strange feathers“ was derived.


Agony Product Leather

Leather is everywhere, be it in the form of shoes, bags, accessories, clothing or furniture. It is a material that is considered durable and robust. In addition, it is breathable and comfortable to wear. Nevertheless, leather is the skin of dead animals.
„When the cows are slaughtered, the skin remains and is then processed into leather, so that it is actually quite efficient,“ is still the prevailing opinion and the leather industry does not contradict, because it sounds very reasonable. If the animals are already slaughtered, then there is nothing to be said against the fact that their skin is used. Would it be if it were true.

In fact, one billion (1,000,000,000) animals are slaughtered for leather production worldwide. The main producers are China and India, whereby the cows are often cut off their feet while the body is alive and the fur is removed. When they are transported to die, chili are smeared in their eyes if they can no longer go on. The skin is thrown away when meat cows are slaughtered. Leather is a pure animal product. But not only cows are slaughtered for the leather industry, more and more dogs and cats are also used. If you wear leather or use it to furnish your home, you should know what its comfort means for the animals. But not only animals suffer, people do too.