When you think that that thinks

Modern man calls himself Homo sapiens, which means something like understanding, understanding, wise, clever, clever, reasonable person. It also means that this modern human, with all his rationality, is not only the crown of creation, but also has the largest brain of any primate, our closest relative, which enables him to fulfill the very attributes he ascribes to himself. Even the philosophers who have taken on human beings and want to fathom their nature disagree on many things, depending on their own orientation, except those human beings not only have reason, but are capable of using reason, otherwise it would be It is probably idle to ask him to use his own understanding, as Immanuel Kant does. It is also that reason which distinguishes man from all lower creatures.


How Consumers are deceived

Consumers want to know – it is said again and again – how the animals they eat and whose products they consume are doing. The majority of people oppose factory farming and keep emphasizing that it is okay to slaughter animals and exploit their products as long as they have lived well. Whatever a good life means, the question naturally arises, how do you look at a product in the supermarket and see how the animal lived. The cheapest meat lies next to the expensive meat and just looks the same. You neither hear the screams, nor see the injuries, nor recognize the pain. Everything neatly packaged and set up in a user-friendly manner. It’s interchangeable. How can you explain the difference as briefly and concisely as possible to people who want to shop in a reflective way? After all, you can’t add essays because people don’t have time. It should be clear at first glance what is being bought.


Knowledge is irreverisble (1)

Rebekka was only called rebel by her friends with respect and her enemies with envy. And she was, a rebel. After all, that was her job, or at least that’s how she saw it. At the age of 16 you had to rebel, to lead the adults, so-called authorities and superiors, dignitaries and office holders over the edges of their well-tempered attitudes encrustations, to question what seems unquestionable, to disavow what seems irrefutable and ridiculous to do what is so firmly cemented in the minds of value nostalgia. When else should she do it? At 26, when, busy with work and family, she would always have to fear that she would scorn someone who could make life difficult for her. No, it had to be now, at 16, without dependencies and obligations, without being at the mercy of the goodwill of others. It tried itself in insurrection, civil disobedience and passive resistance.


The tragedy of Krefeld or of double standards, hypocrisy and decadence in our society (2)

30 dead monkeys in Krefeld. Died in a fire under mysterious circumstances. And an entire nation seems to be grieving. The media, whether online or offline, pounce on this message like the vultures. Because that promises a lot of attention. And the bill actually worked. On social media, people seem to outdo themselves who can show more compassion and grief for these poor creatures. There are calls for vigils and funeral rallies. And they follow the call-in droves. Of course, it is terrible and a tragedy. After all, 30 living things have been killed that should not be in these stables, but rather in their home, with their families.


Where Economy speaks, Truth must be silent

It was a big celebration – and so it was planned. Because when the NÖM celebrates 120 years, then not only everything is brought to entertainment, which is possible, but also unpleasant back votes just muzzled. And that is quite possible in Austria, even in public spaces. But wait, is a public space rented by a company still public space? Obviously not, because it was forbidden to distribute flyers throughout the area.

White milk stains, glued to the floor, either naked or 120 years old, marked this area, where freedom of expression, by the way, a human right and constitution, was suspended for the day, because within this area activists were allowed inside with information material, which would have pointed out the beautiful lying building around the so highly praised udder secretion, not be distributed. After animal rights activists focus on sharing information in an area where fairytale and healing world stories are still sold as the truth. Weiterlesen

On the day, I saw the suffering …

it was no longer possible to negate it. I cannot go back, past a once-done experience. I can no longer ignore it and no longer pretend that nothing is. The beautifully packaged pork chop, clean and pretentious is the part of a cadaver, who belonged to a pig, who lived from the beginning to the end of his life in an animal concentration camp.