Unexpectedly vegan (3)

Sabrina looked at him for a long time before replying, „Do you eat meat?“
„Yes, but only very little and…“ Detlev tried to assure her.
„I didn’t ask how much or little or anything else, just whether you do it,“ she cut him off, „Did you tell me? I mean that’s how you eat?“
„No, but that’s normal. Most people eat meat,“ he said evasively, „You don’t have to tell me that. One assumes that. But if someone is vegan, then you have to say so.”
„You mean like you have to say right off the bat that you’re gay because it’s normal to be straight?“ she asked.
„Well, probably because someone is getting their hopes up and thinking that she’s just as normal as I am and then the big awakening will come,“ he said, rather unreflectively, only to add in shock, „Do you perhaps also want to say that you are you a lesbian?”


Liberate Animals – Decriminalize Activists

Four young, ambitious people who had made it their task not only not to ignore the suffering that is being done to our non-human fellow creatures everywhere at any time, but also to document it and bring it to the public. What they revealed was as frightening as it was sobering. The crime scene was the Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford BC, Canada, but it could have been any other pigsty in the so-called livestock industry, which Canada is generally considered to be quite advanced. What these recordings showed was not only that these animals were tortured in crates when they had young and then further on fully slatted floors, with the well-known injuries, cuts and growths. We’ve almost gotten used to that in Austria, after more than three years of campaign work by the VGT against fully slatted floors. In addition, animals that could not even walk were seen unable to get up, so they slowly died while the still alive, mobile conspecifics ate up the already dead ones that were simply left lying between them. They rotted in the stable. Some were thrown in the trash cans. All this is nothing new for those who have already dealt with the matter. Still, it gets worse.


Just normal

Sabrina only wanted one thing, to have her normal life back. A few months ago, she had become vegan. The reasons were as simple as they were obvious. After she had taken a closer look at how so-called farm animals are treated in our society, the effects on the environment and one’s own health, it was clear that there was no alternative. With great zeal, she began to explore the diverse possibilities of vegan nutrition and felt fit and full of energy. Everything would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the environment and her own perception.


Einfach nur normal

Sabrina wollte nur eines, ihr ganz normales Leben zurückhaben. Vor einigen Monaten war sie vegan geworden. Die Gründe waren so simpel, wie einleuchtend. Nachdem sie sich näher mit dem Umgang mit sog. Nutztieren in unserer Gesellschaft, die Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt und die eigene Gesundheit auseinandergesetzt hatte, war klar, dass es keine Alternative gab. Mit Feuereifer begann sie sich mit den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der veganen Ernährung auseinanderzusetzen und fühlte sich topfit und energiegeladen. Alles wäre gut gewesen, wenn da nicht die Umwelt und ihre eigene Wahrnehmung gewesen wären.


Normal and extreme

It is normal to bring a felled tree into the house shortly before Christmas and slowly watch it die while the so-called festival of love is celebrated. From January 6th you can see the dead trees lying around everywhere, disused, thrown away and all that for a few days of prettiness.

It is extreme to look for a tree in nature that is hung with a number of delicacies for the wild animals. Extreme, because you let the tree live and do the prettiness not only for yourself, but also to do good to others. But the most extreme is that you don’t want to buy the tree and own it, you just leave it alone.


Normal und extrem

Normal ist es kurz vor Weihnachten einen gefällten Baum ins Haus zu bringen und ihm langsam beim Sterben zuzusehen, während das sog. Fest der Liebe gefeiert wird. Ab dem 06. Januar sieht man dann überall die Baumleichen herumliegen, ausgedient, weggeworfen und das alles für eine paar Tage der Behübschung.

Extrem ist es, sich in der Natur einen Baum zu suchen, den man für die Wildtiere mit etlichen Leckerbissen behängt. Extrem, weil man den Baum leben lässt und die Behübschung nicht nur für sich selbst macht, sondern auch um anderen Gutes zu tun. Aber das extremste ist, dass man den Baum nicht käuflich erwirbt und besitzen will, sondern ihn einfach in Ruhe lässt.