The disposed Dog

„Only an hour more!“, I thought, „Then you’ll be home and I haven’t even started cooking.“ As always at the last minute, I tore myself from my work and began to prepare everything in the kitchen, what I needed to prepare an evening meal to feed a poor, tired man. „Shit, no rice.“ Another look at the clock. It would work out to go to the supermarket quickly and still start cooking in good time. If I couldn’t finish, then you’d just have to be patient for a few minutes. I dreaded the thought. You and be patient? No, it had to work out. So, I found myself in the middle of the worst snowfall we had seen in a long time.


Normal and extreme

It is normal to bring a felled tree into the house shortly before Christmas and slowly watch it die while the so-called festival of love is celebrated. From January 6th you can see the dead trees lying around everywhere, disused, thrown away and all that for a few days of prettiness.

It is extreme to look for a tree in nature that is hung with a number of delicacies for the wild animals. Extreme, because you let the tree live and do the prettiness not only for yourself, but also to do good to others. But the most extreme is that you don’t want to buy the tree and own it, you just leave it alone.


The Pig in Community House

Ms. M. is sitting on the window sill on the sixth floor in a community building somewhere on the Gürtel in Vienna. She has a bloody knife in her hand.

The cars roll through the streets.
One big sheet avalanche.
An avalanche that lasts now and then.
Then it rolls on again.
Indolent and indifferent.
People sit in the cars.
Protected by the sheet metal around them.
People walk in between.
They almost all have a goal.
And if not, then pretend.
They try to avoid each other.
Look at the ground.
Everyone goes about their own life.
Slaving through, between the others.
As if they were obstacles that need to be avoided.
Beautiful and ugly,
Thick and thin,
Successful and unsuccessful.
It doesn’t matter from up here.
They all look like ants.
Small, hectic ants.
Busy and driven and scared.
This is how they spend their lives, their time.
And don’t see how pointless it is.
In the morning they close the door and go out.
To go in somewhere else.
They close a door.
Doors are carefully closed.
So that nobody sees what’s going on behind it.


Alive in Boiling Water

“Take it easy, it’s all good,” Martinique heard a familiar voice that reached her as if from a great distance because she couldn’t grasp the meaning, only the intention, “You are safe, nothing can happen to you.” Slowly she came to because she felt Christian’s hands, one that was holding her, the other that gently stroked her forehead and cheek. It was probably still in the middle of the night when she only saw him vaguely when she finally dared to open her eyes.
“I dreamed,” said Martinique shortly.
“I thought so,” replied Christian, and she felt the concern in his words, “You cried and trembled and fought for yourself. It was bad.“
“I’m sorry,” said Martinique.
“It was bad because I couldn’t do anything,” said Christian.
„But you did something, you held me, you comforted me,“ Martinique explained, but it wasn’t enough, she knew that, so she continued to take him with her into her dreams and fears because she knew that he could carry her.


Where Are you?

If they give her the baby right after birth
tear away from the chest,
so you can drink their milk
and she screams out the pain of a mother
for hours, for days.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?


In The Stable

The full, pale moon lit up the courtyard so that we didn’t need the flashlights for the time being. There was no dog at the door, and no lights were on. However, there was also no car in the driveway. So, we went straight to the stable door. We paused for a moment, but no sound could be heard, except for the wailing of the pigs in the barn. We carefully opened the large gate, which was not locked, just ajar. We pushed one wing open just enough for us to slip through. A breathtaking stench hit us, and I was afraid of passing out. But I pulled myself together. Now was not the time to be weak.


Milk is Suffering

Milk is suffering, sickness, murder & death
Milk destroys your health and the life of the cows.

There is a world osteoporosis day.
Decrease in bone density.
Millions of people are affected.
Drink more milk,
they are told
from doctors.
Then why is the proportion so high in countries
in which a lot of dairy products are consumed?
Because it’s a lie.
One should know better.
The calcium in cow’s milk breaks the bones.
They don’t say that.
Because they don’t want
that we are healthy.
Sick people are good for the system.
Osteoporosis is good
for the pharmaceutical industry
for the hospitals
for the doctors
for the dairy industry
for industry.
Healthy people don’t make money.
The pharmaceutical lobby remains seated on its medication.
The doctors would not be busy.
The hospitals have far fewer patients.
The dairy industry would have no sales markets.
Industry would have to cut production.


Pisces suffer unheard

Tim walked past the mill pond every day when he went home from school. Not exactly, to be completely honest. Rather, he took a detour of about ten minutes to visit his friend. He had called it Red because it was a rudd, a small fish with distinctive features. It may seem strange, but Tim, at just ten years old, had a keen sense for nature. He felt deeply connected to her. Most people probably don’t put that down until later in life. In any case, Tim was still able to simply perceive nature as it was, without making any claims. So long ago he had made it a habit to linger on the jetty for a while and watch the water. One day something happened that few people were allowed to experience, but most people would not have had the patience or the lack of intention either.


There is no Escape (2)

One day she gave birth to a baby. It wanted to snuggle up to its mother, but was not allowed to. They grabbed the little one, tossed it into a disc chest and took it away. It was a girl. So they put her in a box, just like the one in which she had to spend her first days, which she had just given birth. If it had been a boy, after a few days he would have been loaded onto a transporter and sent thousands of kilometers to his death. But she didn’t care, she just wanted her baby with her. With eyes wide with terror, she had to watch as it was snatched from her. It almost broke her heart. She didn’t understand. There was nothing to understand about it either.


Tell The Truth Day

What if we all suddenly told the truth, although I am well aware of the problem of the term „truth“. But telling a friend alone that you find the hairstyle she got heinous takes a lot of courage. You could still say, of course. „You’re a beautiful woman. Even this hairstyle cannot harm you.” How this is appreciated depends, among other things, on how exactly the girlfriend listened. Still, is that the truth? Certainly not a general opinion, but nothing more than a subjective opinion. From this it can be seen that we are not interested in the great, high truth, but rather the subjective opinions of our social environment. More than that, we depend on this goodwill because we don’t want to be spinners or polluters. That is why we do a lot of things that we do not know the meaning or benefits of, but only the insight that we do it. This abstruse, widespread and yet unbelievable man. In order to be part of it, we are even willing to make sacrifices, such as spending money on things that you would not be able to buy, you would choose yourself or risk your health. This discrepancy becomes most obvious when one puts in the possibility of reducing the suffering in the world.