Liberate Animals – Decriminalize Activists

Four young, ambitious people who had made it their task not only not to ignore the suffering that is being done to our non-human fellow creatures everywhere at any time, but also to document it and bring it to the public. What they revealed was as frightening as it was sobering. The crime scene was the Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford BC, Canada, but it could have been any other pigsty in the so-called livestock industry, which Canada is generally considered to be quite advanced. What these recordings showed was not only that these animals were tortured in crates when they had young and then further on fully slatted floors, with the well-known injuries, cuts and growths. We’ve almost gotten used to that in Austria, after more than three years of campaign work by the VGT against fully slatted floors. In addition, animals that could not even walk were seen unable to get up, so they slowly died while the still alive, mobile conspecifics ate up the already dead ones that were simply left lying between them. They rotted in the stable. Some were thrown in the trash cans. All this is nothing new for those who have already dealt with the matter. Still, it gets worse.


Dear wonderful fellow Creatures

I have fond memories of those two weeks in Ireland in May. We hiked around the Ring of Beara, over hills and above all over meadows, saw many sheep with their babies, but also cows, also with their families. They were together and stayed that way. Nobody tore them apart. They grazed peacefully, eyeing us with a mixture of curiosity and timidity. They seemed used to humans. But above all, they had a life, at least as much as is possible for a so-called livestock in our society. Sure, they’re slaughtered, too, but best of all, given the circumstances, we’re still living in a society where the majority thinks eating meat is essential. And the sweater made of sheep’s wool.


The Mechanization of the Uterus

Christian sat down on the couch. Martinique to the ground. She always did that when she wanted to think freely. connectedness. Even if it was just the floor of a room.
„It used to be a mystery, a secret,“ Martinique began to share herself and her thoughts, „Then people discovered the mystery, demystified it. We now know about the connections and the process.”
„It’s wonderful to know,“ said Christian.
„Of course, it is,“ affirmed Martinique, „But what has been done with the knowledge? The female animal was degraded to the living brood chamber in which the fetus or embryo matured. The normal process of pregnancy and childbirth was snatched from her and subjected to technology. So, to a male domain. The baby to the product and property of the creator of the technique. Ultrasound is used to observe how it develops, the birth under the guidance of a doctor to a process that no longer requires the intervention of the birthing machine. You know better.”
„But modern medicine has also helped many,“ Christian interjected.


Knowledge is irreversible (2)

It was a long way from the city center to the outskirts and across the fields until they finally stood in front of the said stable. The moon was shining brightly so they could see every detail. They paused for a few moments. Then Rebekka headed straight for the entrance. Carefully she reached for the handle, pushed it down and, to her great surprise, found the door unlocked. Then she waved to Paul, who had stopped in the field and looked as if he did not want to move a step forward. Rebekah was angry. „Who doesn’t dare to come here!“, she thought as she walked over to Paul, roughly grabbed his arm and pulled him behind her. „I don’t dare,“ she growled as she opened the door.


You stole my child from me (2)

My babies!

You laid next to me and I couldn’t do anything for you, neither for you nor for me. “Mom, why are you just lying there and not building a nest for us? Why don’t you play with us? Don’t you love us?”, you seem to be asking. But it’s because I couldn’t help it. But my martyrdom did not begin when you were born, but a long time before that. I was chosen to have babies. All others are slaughtered after 6 months of suffering, but I was allowed to live longer. What a farce!


Animal Welfare – Made in Austria

Anyone who saw the pictures and films of the latest revelation of the VGT was horrified, and rightly so, as I said. One saw mother pigs squeezed into crates and in so-called farrowing boxes. These iron frames are just big enough that the animal caught in them has enough space to stand in them. It touches the neighbor as soon as she lies down. The animals are littered with open spots and ulcers, some of them the size of a child’s head. In addition to the mother pigs, the piglets with their faces cut up as a result of the fight for the teats. Degraded to a teat machine that can’t help but crush the little one when it moves a little. She can’t avoid it. Babies who are dying or have already died, cooped up between shit and their siblings, of course on fully slatted floors. The garbage cans are full of dead piglets. So much for the starting point. Great excitement fell upon the people who saw it. I am now very happy that I can give the all-clear and that we can all pack our horror again. It is not the circumstances that are to blame, but our ignorance.


Dr. Basti Builds Bridges

“There he is, our animal lover”, says the farmer Adolf happily, “Come on, sit down, have a snack with us. The finest bacon from our happy pigs and a schnapps. Do you drink schnapps? A stone pine. Schedule yourself. It’s not like the horrible, spoiled stuff from the supermarket.“ „Thanks for the invitation,“ says Basti, „But I don’t want to make any fuss.“

“Oh, what a circumstance. Whatever you have to be so complicated, you townspeople, but you will also learn,“ says Adolf, „Listen, Alosia, bring another place setting. The graduate eats with us.“

“Yes, really, simple people with us,” says Aloisia as she walks through the kitchen door into the living room with a broad smile, “But that’s an honor. And that when he talks so well about us, the doctor. Not like the others. That’s right Adolf.“

“Well what, you can take it easy,” replies Adolf with conviction. “But Adolf, look what you’re saying,” interjects Aloisia shyly, while she puts the board with the snack in front of the doctor from town.

„We’ll just talk about how we’ve grown up, you have to excuse us,“ explains Adolf.


In The Stable

The full, pale moon lit up the courtyard so that we didn’t need the flashlights for the time being. There was no dog at the door, and no lights were on. However, there was also no car in the driveway. So, we went straight to the stable door. We paused for a moment, but no sound could be heard, except for the wailing of the pigs in the barn. We carefully opened the large gate, which was not locked, just ajar. We pushed one wing open just enough for us to slip through. A breathtaking stench hit us, and I was afraid of passing out. But I pulled myself together. Now was not the time to be weak.


Happy Pigs in Austria

Isn’t it wonderful to see how the pigs, big and small, gallop across the meadow, visit the cow, chat with her. We know it from the yes-of-course piglet. It’s a delight and pigs, especially the little ones, are so cute too. We know the pictures from advertising, and if you search long enough, from reality too. They actually do exist, the pigs, the sweet pink ones, who by now everyone knows that they are intelligent like three-year-old children and are therefore far superior to our domestic dogs. They play and dig and enjoy life. They build nests for the babies and experienced old sows support the young, inexperienced in rearing. And they have a separate area in which they relieve themselves. So much for the idyll. So much for the illusion. Not quite. For 1,500 pigs in Austria this idyll is actually a reality. For 1,500 out of 3,000,000. So it’s 0.05%.


How does it Feel To be A Pig?

„Did you know that Austria is one of the countries with the highest animal welfare and food standards?“, Minister Köstinger, who is responsible for agriculture, regions and tourism, recently claimed in a broadcast. With the pictures of the pigs on fully slatted floors in your head, you have to ask yourself what the conditions are for animals in other countries when you certify that they are extremely well-being in Austria.