There is no escape, not for her and not for all the others, hundreds of their companions. From the beginning she had no chance, she and all the others, because she had been born as slaughter cattle. It was decided. It was decided for her that she should be born to be murdered. Fattened up quickly. It only takes a few months. Too short a lifetime. But that was why she was born to serve the people. It was their property, with which they could do whatever they wanted. What is more, God himself had sanctioned it, had said that man could deal with other creatures as he wished. At least that’s what they say.

But what kind of God is that who approves of other living beings being brutally massacred? What kind of religion is it that demands that our fellow creatures be subjected to unnecessary torments?



Es gibt kein Entrinnen, für sie nicht und auch nicht für all die anderen, hunderte ihrer Gefährt*innen. Von Anfang an hatte sie keine Chance, sie, und all die anderen, denn sie war als Schlachtvieh geboren worden. Es war beschlossen. Für sie wurde es beschlossen, dass sie auf die Welt kommen sollte, um ermordet zu werden. Zügig gemästet. Es dauert nur wenige Monate. Eine allzu kurze Lebenszeit. Aber deshalb war sie auf die Welt gekommen, um den Menschen zu dienen. Sie war ihr Eigentum, mit dem sie machen durften, was sie wollten. Mehr noch, Gott selbst hatte es sanktioniert, hatte gesagt, dass der Mensch mit den anderen Kreaturen verfahren dürfe, wie er wolle. Zumindest wird es behauptet.

Doch was ist das für ein Gott, der es gutheißt, dass andere Lebewesen grausamst massakriert werden? Was ist das für eine Religion, die es verlangt, dass unseren Mitgeschöpfen unnötige Qualen auferlegt werden?


Mission or Appeal?

„Living vegan is good for the animals, the environment and your own health,“ I summarized on that day at the information stand my arguments, which I had exchanged for half an hour with a lady who had shown obvious interest. I had the impression that I had contributed a little to raising awareness and was already beginning to suggest that I take a few recipe books with me when I noticed that her eyes darkened.
„I’m not going to let you proselytize me!“ She throws at me as suddenly as a sudden cloudburst tears up a bright summer day.
„What do you mean by proselytizing?“ I asked when I finally managed to overcome my irritation about the change of mind that was so unexpected for me.
„You want to talk me into your way of life now,“ she replied, „But you can be sure that I won’t let myself be persuaded, not persuaded, because I can think for myself. In general, you in your sect who constantly want to brainwash normal people. Leave me alone.” She spoke and stalked away. I had a lot to reply, but she didn’t give me the opportunity. That’s why I used this moment to think about their allegations.