The Animal Cruelty System

People who feel connected to life do not exclude any living being from this connection. Therefore, the only logical conclusion for these people is to live vegan. Not just to eat. That means no leather shoes, no down jackets, no visits to the zoo or circus, no products that have been tested on animals, etc. That actually goes without saying. But now we can eat animals if they are well cared for beforehand and humanely slaughtered at the end. I don’t want to elaborate on the fact that it’s completely impossible to humanely kill someone who doesn’t want to die. Until the last moment, this being will cling to its life – because it has nothing but this. The topic is different. It’s about life as a so-called farm animal in Austria (this also applies to many other countries, but I want to limit myself to Austria for now). Supposedly we have one of the highest animal welfare standards. Seals of approval adorn the packaging of what was once a living thing, often not worth the ink with which it was printed. Because what does reality look like? The VGT is repeatedly fed recordings from companies, from people who do not dare to publish this material themselves, for whatever reason. The VGT, in turn, creates a reveal. Since few people dare to do this, the revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. The true extent of the atrocities happening behind closed stable doors may never be fully revealed. Still, the VGT had 12 disclosures in the last year alone. I would like to briefly describe them below because it makes it easier to see how systemic these tortures are: