Animal Welfare – Made in Austria

Anyone who saw the pictures and films of the latest revelation of the VGT was horrified, and rightly so, as I said. One saw mother pigs squeezed into crates and in so-called farrowing boxes. These iron frames are just big enough that the animal caught in them has enough space to stand in them. It touches the neighbor as soon as she lies down. The animals are littered with open spots and ulcers, some of them the size of a child’s head. In addition to the mother pigs, the piglets with their faces cut up as a result of the fight for the teats. Degraded to a teat machine that can’t help but crush the little one when it moves a little. She can’t avoid it. Babies who are dying or have already died, cooped up between shit and their siblings, of course on fully slatted floors. The garbage cans are full of dead piglets. So much for the starting point. Great excitement fell upon the people who saw it. I am now very happy that I can give the all-clear and that we can all pack our horror again. It is not the circumstances that are to blame, but our ignorance.


Profit as an all-encompassing justification

I’m standing in front of a stable, of course on a public dirt road. The doors and windows are tightly locked, but the screams of the pigs that are cooped up in this barn cut through the delicate illusion of rural idyll and leave a heap of broken glass. If I move even one step forward, step on the farmer’s property, I am violating property rights. Ownership is paramount. “The radical animal rights activists break into stables, that’s wrong,” it sounds like in my ears, “and what is right must remain right. Period. ”Yes, period, because in my property and with my property, I can switch and do what I want. Is that really true?


Charter of Life Rights

„All humans are born free and equal in dignity.“

Thus, it is stated in the first article of the Charter of Human Rights proclaimed on December 10, 1948 at the General Assembly of the United Nations. These were certainly shaped by the experiences of the Second World War and the desire to never have to experience such things again. How far you have come with it, you can see already that so many armed conflicts in the world rage, as never before. But even outside such crisis areas, human rights are not necessarily upheld. However, that does not mean that you can safely leave human rights aside, but to hold them higher than admonition and vision, because without goals, we will go nowhere.