Happy Mothers Day

When Stella came to me that morning and greeted me happily as always, I already noticed her restlessness, but also the anticipation of what was to come. It was her first child.

„I’m sure you’ll do well,“ I whispered in her ear.


Milk is Suffering

Milk is suffering, sickness, murder & death
Milk destroys your health and the life of the cows.

There is a world osteoporosis day.
Decrease in bone density.
Millions of people are affected.
Drink more milk,
they are told
from doctors.
Then why is the proportion so high in countries
in which a lot of dairy products are consumed?
Because it’s a lie.
One should know better.
The calcium in cow’s milk breaks the bones.
They don’t say that.
Because they don’t want
that we are healthy.
Sick people are good for the system.
Osteoporosis is good
for the pharmaceutical industry
for the hospitals
for the doctors
for the dairy industry
for industry.
Healthy people don’t make money.
The pharmaceutical lobby remains seated on its medication.
The doctors would not be busy.
The hospitals have far fewer patients.
The dairy industry would have no sales markets.
Industry would have to cut production.


There is no Escape (2)

One day she gave birth to a baby. It wanted to snuggle up to its mother, but was not allowed to. They grabbed the little one, tossed it into a disc chest and took it away. It was a girl. So they put her in a box, just like the one in which she had to spend her first days, which she had just given birth. If it had been a boy, after a few days he would have been loaded onto a transporter and sent thousands of kilometers to his death. But she didn’t care, she just wanted her baby with her. With eyes wide with terror, she had to watch as it was snatched from her. It almost broke her heart. She didn’t understand. There was nothing to understand about it either.


World Milk Day

This year marks the 63rd World Milk Day in over 30 countries, which was launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Dairy Association (IDF). The reason for the introduction was to boost milk consumption. To achieve this goal, i.e. ultimately more profit, every means is right for you. Consumers have been lied to for decades and these lies are often spread by the addressees without having checked it or even thinking about it. It is good and right to form your opinion and not trust blindly, especially since you should always be suspicious when it comes to solid financial interests. Nonetheless, this maturity suddenly stops with such topics and those who try to uncover the truth are attacked.


We also celebrate Christmas happily

While we gather happily, wish each other a Merry Christmas and look forward to each other, babies are still separated from mothers. Laying hens take away the eggs, take calves from their mothers and remove puppies from their mothers far too early to sell them to the ignorant. A living gift that will be reliably disposed of at any motorway service station on your first vacation.