What Fur really means

We all know that the Stone Age people ate meat and that is why they have become as smart as we are today, so smart that we destroy everything we can find. Very impressive. But that’s only half the story, because the Stone Age people, who were supposed to be our role models in everything, also wore fur. Of course, because organic cotton and hemp fibers did not exist yet. So, you had no other choice. But how did the human female get her fur, because we are so well informed that we know that only the human males hunted while the human females sat at home waiting for the big, strong males to return from their forays. Just as it corresponds to the biologically prescribed roles. Males as hunters – this is how they stalk each other on the supermarket shelf today, at the risk of their lives to get hold of the styrofoam pack and using all their strength to drag them home while the females sit in the safe den and wait for the prey. But we digress, it’s about the fur.