Suffering is inherent in the System

It’s that time again. The VGT is anonymously provided with recordings from a slaughterhouse, which shows the brutality and contempt with which people treat feeling, suffering creatures. This case is about chickens, but in the end, it probably doesn’t matter which species it’s about or which slaughterhouse the pictures come from, in all of them our fellow creatures are treated cruelly. Now and then people take heart and want such recordings to reach the public. The consequences are as banal as they are predictable.


The Suffering of Calves for the Milk

Animals in the animal exploitation industry don’t have names, they have numbers, numbers in the form of yellow ear tags so you know straight away who owns the animal. You can also see which country it comes from. If animal transporters are now being pursued from Austria to Spain, animals appear whose ear tags can be assigned to Austrian companies, but these vehemently deny knowing what is happening to the animals, then it is obviously a very special form of memory loss. For decades, one disclosure has followed the next, the most serious abuses are documented, always with the same consequences. No. Like this fall.


Dear wonderful fellow Creatures

I have fond memories of those two weeks in Ireland in May. We hiked around the Ring of Beara, over hills and above all over meadows, saw many sheep with their babies, but also cows, also with their families. They were together and stayed that way. Nobody tore them apart. They grazed peacefully, eyeing us with a mixture of curiosity and timidity. They seemed used to humans. But above all, they had a life, at least as much as is possible for a so-called livestock in our society. Sure, they’re slaughtered, too, but best of all, given the circumstances, we’re still living in a society where the majority thinks eating meat is essential. And the sweater made of sheep’s wool.


What not to say

I would like to try again the definition of veganism of the Vegan Society from the year 1979, just to determine clearly from the beginning what forms the basis for the following statements:

“Veganism is a way of life that seeks – as far as practically feasible – to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty against suffering animals for food, clothing and other purposes; and subsequently promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. With regard to nutrition, this means doing without all products that are wholly or partly obtained from animals.“


Milk is Suffering

Milk is suffering, sickness, murder & death
Milk destroys your health and the life of the cows.

There is a world osteoporosis day.
Decrease in bone density.
Millions of people are affected.
Drink more milk,
they are told
from doctors.
Then why is the proportion so high in countries
in which a lot of dairy products are consumed?
Because it’s a lie.
One should know better.
The calcium in cow’s milk breaks the bones.
They don’t say that.
Because they don’t want
that we are healthy.
Sick people are good for the system.
Osteoporosis is good
for the pharmaceutical industry
for the hospitals
for the doctors
for the dairy industry
for industry.
Healthy people don’t make money.
The pharmaceutical lobby remains seated on its medication.
The doctors would not be busy.
The hospitals have far fewer patients.
The dairy industry would have no sales markets.
Industry would have to cut production.


Vegan Means Saying Yes to Life (6)

“I think that’s the crux of the matter,” said Zoe, “How can I get people to see the suffering and the other consequences of their actions without being immediately distracted by other things such as the loss of the hierarchical order or of one’s own accustomed lifestyle? How can I touch people?“
„Why is it connected with the loss of the hierarchical order?“, Liv interjected.
“Imagine if we would actually give our non-human fellow creatures the freedom they are entitled to, that is, to shape their own lives,” Zoe replied, “Then that would mean that people would have to quickly recognize that they are other species not dependent on us. You can do this very well without us. Without this dependency, however, we would no longer have power and as long as we live in a society in which it is self-evident that power is something worth striving for, one will not want to accept this loss. Some lead countries, other corporations, still others believe that they have to exercise their power over women and children and those who do not have all these opportunities have animals. „


From the Life of a Diary Cow

The cow, like humans, is a mammal. For a mammal to produce milk, it must have a baby. For example, female cows that are used for milk production are artificially inseminated as early as possible and give birth to a calf after nine months, which is immediately taken away from them, as otherwise they would simply drink away the milk. Instead, get enriched soy milk. To produce one liter of milk, the heart has to pump 500 liters of blood through the udder. This results in 20,000 liters with a milk yield of 40 liters per day, which is the rule, at least in the dairy industry. Of course, that would be six liters a day. In addition, there are about 50,000 pumping powers for the liver, which is crucial for the metabolism, in addition to the circulation of the rest of the body. Weiterlesen