Unexpectedly vegan (1)

Detlev felt exhilarated and full of life when he started his usual jog at 6:00 am that morning. At that time it was still very quiet in the small forest near his home. It felt good to be alone and still be outside. But it wasn’t just the morning freshness that put him in such high spirits, but he hoped to see the girl with the red curly hair and the big brown dog again, who also regularly ran here. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as he found out. And sure enough, after taking the first bend and seeing the only slightly longer straight ahead, they came into view. Quickly, but without haste, the two of them, harmoniously side by side, covered the distance, whereby the dog with its long legs just needed a light trot to keep up with its owner.


you animal you

insult, „you animal you“.

bestial, unbridled, excessive, immoral, depraved, derogatory, degrading.
reset to a non-communicative, pre-linguistic level.
subjected to pure instincts.

appreciation „you human you“.

reflective, intelligent, gifted in languages, moral, restrained, self-confident.
lifted out of the unconscious nature.
only obeying the intellect.
human is valuable.
the animal is worthless.
human is animal.
biologically speaking.
we don’t want to hear that.
human is too civilized to be nature.


With the Rope in Hand

Wistfully he looks around, the donkey, which I am leading by the rope, for the first time, wistfully back to his pasture and his comrades. They were allowed to stay there and continue to graze and go where they wanted, at least within the fence, without a halter, without a rope. And those who stayed behind in the pasture look after those who are being led away, where are they going, when will they come back, will they come back at all?


With whom to sympathize and with whom not? (1)

„Hello mum! Hi Papa! I’m here,“ Katharina let her voice ring through the house after she had pushed open the door to her parents‘ house with a bang. As on every Sunday, she was invited to lunch on this one and was happy to accept this invitation, because then she didn’t have to cook herself. After all, what’s the point of having a mother if you don’t let her cook for you, even when you’re thirty.
„Hello dear!“ her mother returned the greeting. The voice had come from the kitchen, so Katharina went there. Her mother turned to her briefly, hugged her, then immediately turned back to the pots. Her father, who was sitting on the corner seat and had been leafing listlessly through the newspaper, now looked up at her.


Superfluous of suffering – superfluous suffering (1)

Forest walk. A deer eats in peace. Then a noise. It flees. I see deer more often. Wild boars too. Rabbits hopping across the field. Deer cross my path. Leisurely. No, there is no danger from me. Only once was I lucky enough to see a fox. Very briefly only. Then he was gone again. You are scared. In front of man. Before those with the guns. But how do you know I don’t have a rifle? Deer seem to know. And wild boars. There are closed seasons. At least for the deer and roe deer. Not for wild boars and foxes. That’s why they’re so shy.


You crept into my heart

Actually, I’m the prince in the house. Not from the start, of course. When you come to your owners as a small puppy, the first thing to do is to sound out the situation. Smart dogs do that, and with all modesty, I can count myself to this breed. Not like others who storm into the house with over-zeal and impertinence and take possession of everything. People don’t like it that much. A puppy is looked after a lot, but something sticks in the memory. I, for my part, acted shyly.


Always at my side

I sit on the stairs that lead to the front door of my grandparents‘ house and try to collect myself. When was the last time I was here? It must have been many years. Nothing is what it was then. My grandparents were long dead. Now my aunt lives in the house, but that’s not why I hate coming here. Because even back then, when they were still alive, nothing was as it was before. Before then, it was a happy time for me, those first years of my existence. I actually grew up here with a black spaniel by my side for as long as I could remember.


Until the End

You lie in your favorite spot in the sun. You like the warmth. I sit with you and stroke you. Your breathing is steady, but it can be heard that you cannot breathe freely. If you lie still, everything is fine. You closed your eyes and I caress you, feel the warmth of your body and the calm that emanates from you. Stroking is good for your circulation, I’ve read. May be. A positive side effect, because above all it connects. We are just there. Before, when you were younger, you came and asked for it, the petting. Now you are old, you lie more than you used to and when I come to you to stroke you, it’s good. The hair has turned white and everything is a little more leisurely than before. It seems to me as if it was only yesterday that you came to us as a small, lively puppy. More than ten years have now passed. Where has the time gone?


Because it does Matter

It was one of those days when I couldn’t cope with life. This is not unusual any more. Not at all remarkable. It happens to me, sometimes. But this time I had a reason. Even one that others would accept that you can’t get on with life. At least as long as the others are not one of the strictest, who have such a well-intentioned and unnecessary “pull yourself together” in their standard repertoire and who cheer anyone who wants to hear it. Even those who don’t want to hear it. But my reason was damn good. I saw my marriage go down the drain, and just as it is impossible to make the water suddenly flow uphill, so it was impossible to reverse it again. Or is it? Had I really tried everything?


The Moth Trap or The Not Perfect World

Reply to an open letter from a self-confessed carnivore to the hypocritical vegans

Dear Mr. Carnivore!
Thank you for your very illuminating letter. It fertilizes the intercultural discourse between carnivores and vegans, knowing how the other person thinks and above all how he argues. Furthermore, it is clear that there is still a great deal of ignorance or non-knowledge-wanting, and that ignorance or non-knowledge-wanting is far beyond knowledge. The first crude misunderstanding that makes it difficult to deal with each other is the belief that vegans have something like a moral code that they all have to follow, one from the outside, as we say. of religious communities or dictatorial parties. It is interesting to see how the previous experiences of others are once again imposed on others, above all the hierarchical, paternalistic thinking that between vegans do not exist and cannot exist at all. And for a very important reason, to anyone who is still unfamiliar, written in the studbook.