I eat therefore I am

Protests, regardless of the topic, be it the meat, dairy, egg, fur or other exploitative industry, have the great advantage that you get to talk to people. This is important because then you can better assess how people think and act who are not actively committed to animal rights. In addition, this also creates the opportunity to fill in knowledge gaps that still exist. A classic is still that many people do not know that a cow has to have a calf in order to give milk. 35% of the citizens of the so-called civilized countries are still convinced that a dairy cow is a dairy cow because it is born as such. It is also interesting to learn what conclusions people draw from the newly gained information for themselves and their lives. It’s no secret that the aim of our educational work is that fewer and fewer people support animal suffering, i.e. change their lifestyle. Not decreed from outside, but as the result of rational and reasonable consideration that results from the facts. That’s the theory. I would like to illustrate how far the practice is from this in the following conversation, which took place at a protest on the subject of pig suffering, exactly that way and no other.


We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable

You eat as well as no more meat. Did you tell me
I looked at you and I knew you were lying.
No, actually you weren’t lying, because almost not much meat,
that’s a matter of interpretation.
What about the pizza, I asked.
Well, pizza, I’ll eat it with salami.
It just tastes too good.

We understand that.
We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.


Fur in Austria

Since 2005, when a nationwide animal protection law came into force, fur farms have been banned in Austria. The production of fur is one side, the trade in it the other. Even if there are no more fur farms in Austria, fur is still sold and processed. Fur industry puts the amount of processed fur exports at € 7.3 million for 2017[1]. This means that it can be assumed that at least a third of this value is imported as fur, because the fur of the 60,000 foxes[2] allegedly shot by Austrian hunters does not necessarily matter.


You stole my child from me (3)

My unknown babies!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been laying eggs in the midst of many others. It’s so tight that I can barely move. I have heard that it is good posture, down-to-earth posture. But it’s just cramped and smells. But I could endure all of that if it wasn’t for my babies. I lay eggs because I am a hen. My body does. I lay an egg every day. But I know more.


You stole my child from me (2)

My babies!

You laid next to me and I couldn’t do anything for you, neither for you nor for me. “Mom, why are you just lying there and not building a nest for us? Why don’t you play with us? Don’t you love us?”, you seem to be asking. But it’s because I couldn’t help it. But my martyrdom did not begin when you were born, but a long time before that. I was chosen to have babies. All others are slaughtered after 6 months of suffering, but I was allowed to live longer. What a farce!


They are just Babies

Max is curled up, curled up very tightly, in his box, in which he has to live in solitary confinement. Of course, he doesn’t have a name, just a number. It doesn’t pay to name him. He’s just a calf, plus a male that will soon be dead or somewhere on a truck shipped for slaughter. I gave him his name to give him a remnant of dignity, as if he had been someone in the middle of an industry in which it is only something. Something that will make money or not. He doesn’t bring any. He’s worth € 8.49 in this industry. The feed that he needs costs more, this cheapest milk replacer. Even that is still too expensive. His value is measured according to his usefulness. He doesn’t have one, not in this system, but for his mother he is the world. He curls up so that the cold goes away, especially that of loneliness. All he wanted was to be with his mother. Sucking, not only to satisfy hunger, but also because it is good for you. But he has to be there, all alone. He doesn’t understand why. He wanted nothing more than to be with his mom as it should be, nothing more than to live.


What not to say

I would like to try again the definition of veganism of the Vegan Society from the year 1979, just to determine clearly from the beginning what forms the basis for the following statements:

“Veganism is a way of life that seeks – as far as practically feasible – to avoid all forms of exploitation and cruelty against suffering animals for food, clothing and other purposes; and subsequently promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. With regard to nutrition, this means doing without all products that are wholly or partly obtained from animals.“


No Meat From Abroad

“We don’t want to see meat from abroad on our supermarket shelves!” Is the tenor, “Not even at the trusted butcher, who you know anyway that the animal lived happily before it was sausage and filleted. You know everything. The animals in Austria are doing well, very well in fact. After all, we are among the countries with the highest animal welfare standards in the world, as announced by Minister Köstinger, Minister of Agriculture in our beautiful country. And she must know. So it’s also true. Because politicians never lie.


Human, do you know what are you doing to me?

Human, do you know what it feels like when your family is destroyed?

Can you understand how I suffer
When I get pregnant every year
Just so that my child will be snatched away from me
My girl they put in the calf crate
Where I can hear them
Call out to her
And yet I can’t take care of her
So close,
Forever lost
My son,
whom they put in the van,
One more baby
To send him thousands of kilometers to his death.


Day of the Mother

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day, her special day
Breakfast is made for her, optionally brought to bed
Ham roll, soft egg, coffee with milk
„How nice it is to have my children around me,“ she thinks,
“To be with each other, maybe we will go on a trip”.
And while she is allowed to be a mother
i.e. being allowed to be with her children,
does she not think about it
that there are millions of mothers in the world
where the togetherness at this very moment
is denied with their children,
forced to give birth
never be allowed to be mothers
for ham roll, soft egg and coffee with milk.