Living Waste

Cow and calf, mother and baby in intimate togetherness on the pasture, that is what we like to be shown in connection with milk. But the truth is completely different. Fortunately, the fate of the male calves on the transport ships ElBeik and Karim Allah is currently going through all the media. More than three months ago, both ships, the ElBeik with 1,800 and the Karim Allah with 900 calves, left the port of Cartagena. Despite the veterinary certificates, both the Turkish and Libyan authorities rejected both ships after an outbreak of bluetongue was discovered in Spain. What followed was a three-month odyssey of the two ships across the Mediterranean. Last week the Karim Allah returned to the port of Cartagena without having achieved anything. All surviving calves had to be slaughtered because their health was so bad that they could not be transported any further. The same will happen to the remaining 1,600 cattle on the ElBeik. 200 of them have already died on board. However, it is not ruled out that these animals are classified as „fit for travel“ and transported further. The picture that was leaked to the Animal Welfare Foundation shows the conditions under which these baby animals have had to endure for three months. You can tell that they are standing close together that they cannot even lie down. It must also be doubted that they could be properly looked after, given that it is a ship that was originally intended for the transport of cars and the ceiling height is just 1.60 m. It is one of the most outrageous injustices that have been committed and continue to be committed.

Das Foto stammt von der Animal Welfare Foundation

Profit as an all-encompassing justification

I’m standing in front of a stable, of course on a public dirt road. The doors and windows are tightly locked, but the screams of the pigs that are cooped up in this barn cut through the delicate illusion of rural idyll and leave a heap of broken glass. If I move even one step forward, step on the farmer’s property, I am violating property rights. Ownership is paramount. “The radical animal rights activists break into stables, that’s wrong,” it sounds like in my ears, “and what is right must remain right. Period. ”Yes, period, because in my property and with my property, I can switch and do what I want. Is that really true?


Alive in Boiling Water

“Take it easy, it’s all good,” Martinique heard a familiar voice that reached her as if from a great distance because she couldn’t grasp the meaning, only the intention, “You are safe, nothing can happen to you.” Slowly she came to because she felt Christian’s hands, one that was holding her, the other that gently stroked her forehead and cheek. It was probably still in the middle of the night when she only saw him vaguely when she finally dared to open her eyes.
“I dreamed,” said Martinique shortly.
“I thought so,” replied Christian, and she felt the concern in his words, “You cried and trembled and fought for yourself. It was bad.“
“I’m sorry,” said Martinique.
“It was bad because I couldn’t do anything,” said Christian.
„But you did something, you held me, you comforted me,“ Martinique explained, but it wasn’t enough, she knew that, so she continued to take him with her into her dreams and fears because she knew that he could carry her.


Where Are you?

If they give her the baby right after birth
tear away from the chest,
so you can drink their milk
and she screams out the pain of a mother
for hours, for days.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?


In The Stable

The full, pale moon lit up the courtyard so that we didn’t need the flashlights for the time being. There was no dog at the door, and no lights were on. However, there was also no car in the driveway. So, we went straight to the stable door. We paused for a moment, but no sound could be heard, except for the wailing of the pigs in the barn. We carefully opened the large gate, which was not locked, just ajar. We pushed one wing open just enough for us to slip through. A breathtaking stench hit us, and I was afraid of passing out. But I pulled myself together. Now was not the time to be weak.


Milk is Suffering

Milk is suffering, sickness, murder & death
Milk destroys your health and the life of the cows.

There is a world osteoporosis day.
Decrease in bone density.
Millions of people are affected.
Drink more milk,
they are told
from doctors.
Then why is the proportion so high in countries
in which a lot of dairy products are consumed?
Because it’s a lie.
One should know better.
The calcium in cow’s milk breaks the bones.
They don’t say that.
Because they don’t want
that we are healthy.
Sick people are good for the system.
Osteoporosis is good
for the pharmaceutical industry
for the hospitals
for the doctors
for the dairy industry
for industry.
Healthy people don’t make money.
The pharmaceutical lobby remains seated on its medication.
The doctors would not be busy.
The hospitals have far fewer patients.
The dairy industry would have no sales markets.
Industry would have to cut production.


Happy Pigs in Austria

Isn’t it wonderful to see how the pigs, big and small, gallop across the meadow, visit the cow, chat with her. We know it from the yes-of-course piglet. It’s a delight and pigs, especially the little ones, are so cute too. We know the pictures from advertising, and if you search long enough, from reality too. They actually do exist, the pigs, the sweet pink ones, who by now everyone knows that they are intelligent like three-year-old children and are therefore far superior to our domestic dogs. They play and dig and enjoy life. They build nests for the babies and experienced old sows support the young, inexperienced in rearing. And they have a separate area in which they relieve themselves. So much for the idyll. So much for the illusion. Not quite. For 1,500 pigs in Austria this idyll is actually a reality. For 1,500 out of 3,000,000. So it’s 0.05%.


Life As Means of Production

And I paint crosses. 220 crosses. 4 min 24 sec for 220 crosses. I blink. Involuntarily. Every blink 220 dead. It is impossible to paint 220 crosses in a hundredth of a second. The time they die. 220 extinguished lives. With a blink. I blink death. It takes me 4 min 24 to paint 220 crosses. Lined up in order. 4 min paint 24 crosses, just 220 are 5,808,000 dead. Without the collateral damage. Without the committee.


Because it does Matter

It was one of those days when I couldn’t cope with life. This is not unusual any more. Not at all remarkable. It happens to me, sometimes. But this time I had a reason. Even one that others would accept that you can’t get on with life. At least as long as the others are not one of the strictest, who have such a well-intentioned and unnecessary “pull yourself together” in their standard repertoire and who cheer anyone who wants to hear it. Even those who don’t want to hear it. But my reason was damn good. I saw my marriage go down the drain, and just as it is impossible to make the water suddenly flow uphill, so it was impossible to reverse it again. Or is it? Had I really tried everything?


How does it Feel To be A Pig?

„Did you know that Austria is one of the countries with the highest animal welfare and food standards?“, Minister Köstinger, who is responsible for agriculture, regions and tourism, recently claimed in a broadcast. With the pictures of the pigs on fully slatted floors in your head, you have to ask yourself what the conditions are for animals in other countries when you certify that they are extremely well-being in Austria.