I can’t change anything anyway

I sit next to you and feel completely helpless. With this helplessness comes the anger and sadness over the apparent immutability. You are lying in your lattice cage and cannot move. Next to you your babies, with whom you cannot play, cannot mother them. You can just lie there and let them drink. All your short life, until you no longer get pregnant. Then you come to the slaughterhouse. Your fellow sufferer is in the next stable. She was impregnated far too early to give milk. Her udder hurts because it is way too big for her emaciated body, but her heart also hurts because the baby she gave birth is now all alone in its box and screams for you. Until it gives up and curls up. Makes very small. I see it being loaded onto a van and taken far, far away. In another hall there are small yellow balls of wool and now they have to grow. 42 days before they come to the slaughterhouse. I see it. But what can i do? I can’t change anything anyway.