Unexpectedly vegan (3)

Sabrina looked at him for a long time before replying, „Do you eat meat?“
„Yes, but only very little and…“ Detlev tried to assure her.
„I didn’t ask how much or little or anything else, just whether you do it,“ she cut him off, „Did you tell me? I mean that’s how you eat?“
„No, but that’s normal. Most people eat meat,“ he said evasively, „You don’t have to tell me that. One assumes that. But if someone is vegan, then you have to say so.”
„You mean like you have to say right off the bat that you’re gay because it’s normal to be straight?“ she asked.
„Well, probably because someone is getting their hopes up and thinking that she’s just as normal as I am and then the big awakening will come,“ he said, rather unreflectively, only to add in shock, „Do you perhaps also want to say that you are you a lesbian?”


Unexpectedly vegan (1)

Detlev felt exhilarated and full of life when he started his usual jog at 6:00 am that morning. At that time it was still very quiet in the small forest near his home. It felt good to be alone and still be outside. But it wasn’t just the morning freshness that put him in such high spirits, but he hoped to see the girl with the red curly hair and the big brown dog again, who also regularly ran here. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as he found out. And sure enough, after taking the first bend and seeing the only slightly longer straight ahead, they came into view. Quickly, but without haste, the two of them, harmoniously side by side, covered the distance, whereby the dog with its long legs just needed a light trot to keep up with its owner.


you animal you

insult, „you animal you“.

bestial, unbridled, excessive, immoral, depraved, derogatory, degrading.
reset to a non-communicative, pre-linguistic level.
subjected to pure instincts.

appreciation „you human you“.

reflective, intelligent, gifted in languages, moral, restrained, self-confident.
lifted out of the unconscious nature.
only obeying the intellect.
human is valuable.
the animal is worthless.
human is animal.
biologically speaking.
we don’t want to hear that.
human is too civilized to be nature.


Vegan Wall – Spread the Message

Anyone out and about in downtown Linz around midday on Saturday saw something interesting. People stood a few meters apart, holding plaques bearing messages. In addition, there were also tents that apparently offered in-depth information material. But what was it about?

To answer this question there were two possibilities for the uninformed. She either went to one of these people and asked, or she walked down the line of the message bearers and tried to get an idea from them. Depending on temperament and pleasure in puzzles, but also time budget, you choose one way or the other. Our observer chose both. That is, she decided to walk down the line, picking up samples at the stalls along the way while getting an idea, and then finally asking one of the activists if her thoughts were correct or not.


Vegans are annoying

„What a beautiful day,“ I thought as I left the office to visit my favorite restaurant. For once I had time to do it, and that on a working day. The sun was shining, and I was in good spirits. Correspondingly exhilarated, I entered the restaurant and left it again immediately, because the sun was shining so warmly and invitingly that I made myself comfortable in the guest garden. I chose a table in the corner to have a good view of everything else. There were three other tables occupied besides mine. Two people sat opposite each other. The waitress came with the menu.


Just normal

Sabrina only wanted one thing, to have her normal life back. A few months ago, she had become vegan. The reasons were as simple as they were obvious. After she had taken a closer look at how so-called farm animals are treated in our society, the effects on the environment and one’s own health, it was clear that there was no alternative. With great zeal, she began to explore the diverse possibilities of vegan nutrition and felt fit and full of energy. Everything would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the environment and her own perception.


I eat therefore I am

Protests, regardless of the topic, be it the meat, dairy, egg, fur or other exploitative industry, have the great advantage that you get to talk to people. This is important because then you can better assess how people think and act who are not actively committed to animal rights. In addition, this also creates the opportunity to fill in knowledge gaps that still exist. A classic is still that many people do not know that a cow has to have a calf in order to give milk. 35% of the citizens of the so-called civilized countries are still convinced that a dairy cow is a dairy cow because it is born as such. It is also interesting to learn what conclusions people draw from the newly gained information for themselves and their lives. It’s no secret that the aim of our educational work is that fewer and fewer people support animal suffering, i.e. change their lifestyle. Not decreed from outside, but as the result of rational and reasonable consideration that results from the facts. That’s the theory. I would like to illustrate how far the practice is from this in the following conversation, which took place at a protest on the subject of pig suffering, exactly that way and no other.


I’m going for a walk with my pig

I have two pigs. I used to have dogs. When I didn’t have any more and started to think about which one I could save from all the millions in the world, a friend came to me and said I could save two animals that no longer need from the butcher. I did that too. Without asking what kind of animals they were, which was rather careless of me, because it could have been two huge bulls, but it turned out that they were two pigs. „That works,“ I thought to myself. That’s why they moved in with me. With great enthusiasm they examined the entire garden, which from now on would be their refuge. They had never before been able to romp around, play, rummage and enjoy life, because until they moved to my garden they had lived in a closed stable with a slatted concrete floor over their own excrement, crammed between many conspecifics.


You crept into my heart

Actually, I’m the prince in the house. Not from the start, of course. When you come to your owners as a small puppy, the first thing to do is to sound out the situation. Smart dogs do that, and with all modesty, I can count myself to this breed. Not like others who storm into the house with over-zeal and impertinence and take possession of everything. People don’t like it that much. A puppy is looked after a lot, but something sticks in the memory. I, for my part, acted shyly.



I sat there for hours and my thoughts went round and round. I absolutely had to finish. The appointment hung over my neck like a sword of Damocles. “Where does the expression ’sword of Damocles‘ come from?” Suddenly crossed my mind, and I immediately went to look it up. At least I had the impression that I was doing something. But who am I kidding? Myself. Always just myself. Pretended this was important now. But it wasn’t. What mattered was the work that was about to be finished, and I couldn’t move a step. I felt like a dog chasing its tail, and it sat down in front of me and whined. I looked furtively at the clock. He wanted out, move. Of course, it was high time. “Yes, we’ll go in a moment,” I said soothingly, but half-heartedly, “I’ll just finish this off quickly, then we’ll go. You have to understand that!”