The Journey starts

It is always difficult to tell where a journey actually starts. It begins the moment I put my foot in the first means of transport or not much earlier. With the conclusion to this journey. Maybe even sooner. With all the events that had to happen to me that the decision could come. I let mine begin with the moment, so I have once arbitrarily fixed, with the moment in which I said to myself for the first time:

„You cannot do anything!“

Nothing against the advancing global warming, nothing against the mass extinction and hunger, nothing against the wars and the exploitation, nothing against the suffering of our fellow creatures. That’s what I said to myself, and still believed it, until I asked myself:

„Did you already try it?“

If you look at the overwhelming flood of grievances, it makes no sense at all to try anything. Where should one start? What would that do? As soon as you start to think about it, you are like slain. Since you can stay it better. Because I cannot solve any problems anyway.

„Who says you have to solve all the problems?“

Well, if so, you know, and you cannot do things by halves. Everything is connected. If you start somewhere, even start, it’s like stabbing into a wasp nest. All wasps are startled and attack one at a time. That will not do.

„But you are not alone. You can do in your environment, with your means, what you can do. „

Well, no, of course I can, but what is that supposed to be?

„What can that be?“

The journey began with the question of what I can do in concrete terms, what others have already tried and successfully implemented, and what is possible for me, within my life, and that is more than you think.

Who accompanies me on this journey, can find out. Have fun and hopefully many new insights.