Winni, the blind Gelding

Many people feel comfortable around animals. That’s why they bring them into the house. Whether dogs, cats, guinea pigs, budgies, mice, goats, donkeys or horses, the most diverse species are considered worthy to share the habitat with humans. When asked why they do this, the most common answer is that animals give them so much emotionally. Of course, you could throw in what the animal would get out of it, but you don’t want to do that, because the animal would have such a wonderful life and would be happy, which can be seen very easily with turtles, for example. But even if the daughter wants a horse, this wish is often given in.

So, there it is, the animal that you really wanted and everything is good for the time being. Until you notice that animals are getting old and sick too. It costs money. The bigger the animal, the more. It is also no longer needed, e.g. for riding, and may even require special care. You don’t want to take that on yourself. Emotion or not, in the end it’s just an animal that you just throw away like an old car. These animals then often end up in an animal shelter or on a sanctuary. Like Winni, for example.

I got to know Winni on my last visit to a farm. He is a gentle, white gelding with delicate speckles of about 15 years. Confident and sociable, you don’t want to think that something is wrong with him, especially if you only see him from one side. Before he ended up on the sanctuary, he lived with a farmer. Then he went blind. That’s why his owner couldn’t use him anymore. He probably already suspected that considerable costs would be incurred. So, he was glad to get rid of it. These are the people who, without blinking an eyelid, hand over an animal that has accompanied them for years. Without even looking back, they are just glad that someone else has now taken on this burden. These others are people who cannot manage to leave an old, sick animal on the street. Word gets around. More and more animals are being given away and those who stand up for the animals and want to enable them to have a pleasant retirement cannot say no. Perhaps they would like to say thank you, the submitters that their animal is being taken over, praise the great work and leave again, because you may be really grateful, but this gratitude does not go so far that you would also make a financial contribution. As with Winni.

When you see the gelding galloping in the paddock, he comes trotting up to be petted, then you realize how much he enjoys life. But his eye, the one that makes it obvious that he is blind, urgently needs an operation. That means you would have to remove the eye and sew the lid shut. This operation costs around € 2,000 and would have to be borne by the operators of the sanctuary in addition to all the other costs that normal operation entails. That is why they urgently need support. If you want to help Winni spend many more happy years on the farm, you can do so very easily. Transfer what you can spare to

Aloisia Walter
IBAN: AT05 2032 0323 0291 9241

with the password „Winnis Operation“. Every euro counts and can help ensure that the gentle gelding will soon feel better again. Give your heart a shake and give it a few more good years. Thanks!

More information you find on Aloisias Tierhof der Herzen

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