Where Are you?

If they give her the baby right after birth
tear away from the chest,
so you can drink their milk
and she screams out the pain of a mother
for hours, for days.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

When they collect the eggs
and let it hatch by a lamp,
until the babies hatch
in a cage where they are crammed together
just to be exposed
with cropped beaks and clipped wings,
into a world
of which they have no idea
in which they can only perish.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

When they force the mother between bars
that press between the breasts
made them a feed machine,
when they cut out the testicles
and cut off the tails and ears,
without numbing the pain
so that they can vegetate in an even smaller space,
that you like them.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

If they gas or shred the millions
if they drown or kill the kittens,
because it’s cheaper than neutering
when they throw the male babies in the trash
because they are not good
when they lock the others in containers,
without food for transport over thousands of kilometers.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

If they are our fellow creatures,
with canes and electric batons,
drive to the slaughterhouse,
when they get into the gas chamber
and partly thrown alive into boiling hot water,
if they are stunned with the nail gun
or not,
where the carcass is clean and bloodless on the shelf,
hygienic and appetizing

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

When they expropriate the land
and leave millions to misery,
When they speculate in food
and get those who really need them
can no longer afford them,
but we feed them cheaply to live meat machines,
if they destroy the earth with poisons,
and ultimately ourselves.

Are you so blind with greed
so numb with selfishness.

Where are you?

But but,
You don’t have to be so angry.
This emotionality only stands in the way of a constructive discussion.
Pull yourself together a little
then we can talk about it in peace
but like this if you hit my ass in the face
that will not do.
You can do what you think is right
vegan and so,
but let everyone live as they want,
because we finally let you too.
Live and let live is the motto.

Well, yeah, maybe you’re right
then I’ll just go and do my thing
and you yours.
Live and let live.

No damn it
that’s just not it.
Shouldn’t I get emotional?
How am I supposed to remain emotionless in the face of suffering
that happens all the time?
How can i call myself human
if I can turn off my emotions in the face of torture?
Then what am I but a monster?
In peace?
Every minute that goes by
Infernal torments are inflicted on sentient, thinking beings.
And should I be quiet there?
Live and let live is the motto?
Well then let them live
give them back a real life
that you also demand for yourself.
And they too have the right
if you did not mean in your grandeur,
You could arbitrarily deny living beings their lives
destroy their livelihoods.

No damn it
I will not give way.

As long as I have two healthy feet
I will enter
for those who are denied the most basic rights.

As long as I have two healthy hands
I will point out
on the unworthy of life conditions,
which are expected of them.

As long as I have a mouth
I will tell about it
and demand that it change.

As long as I have eyes
I won’t close it
until every living being gets the space
that it needs for a happy life.

As long as i hear
it is the screams of the bonded
the done and the undone,
Cries of those who are still fighting
Silence of those who give up.

As long as I breathe,
will I feel obliged
because I can no longer deny
what i saw once.

As long as a heart beats in my chest
will it ask me to fight for those
who cannot defend themselves.

No damn it
I won’t just go off and be quiet
because it’s my world too
that you trample to pieces.

It’s my money with that too
Cheap meat and disposable milk,
Overexploitation and deprivation of resources,
Famine and homelessness,
Poisoning and disenfranchisement

It’s my taxes too
which are used for
Colon cancer and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease
to heal,
that you have eaten up before.

And i will say
when the world is in ruins
because you are destroying our own livelihoods,
I was there.

Where are you?

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