Feel-good Hormones

„Duavive“ is the name of the medicine that the doctor prescribed for her. It comes from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, whose motto is „Breakthroughs that change patients’ life“. A noble claim, one would like to think, whereby nobody knows in which direction the life change is going or which breakthroughs are meant. At least not in the direction of reducing animal suffering, on the contrary. This nondescript drug, which is said to help with estrogen deficiency after menopause, is said to contain nothing more than conjugated estrogens and bazedoxifene. Sounds harmless, but it is not. So, let’s take a look at where these estrogens come from and how they are obtained. Until 2012 there was no long way to go. Now you have to go to China, Kazakhstan or Poland. In China alone there are 90,000 mares, from which the hormones are obtained, because the change symptoms are so annoying, almost life-threatening. There are other treatments, but who wants to do that when a lot of them make good money.

These conjugated estrogens are obtained from the urine of pregnant mares. Even that doesn’t sound tragic, but let’s take a look at such a stable, where these mares are kept, because it’s all about how. Between the third and the ninth month of pregnancy, the body of the expectant mother produces a particularly large number of estrogens. These are connected in small stands that are approximately one and a half meters wide and two meters long. A rubber collecting container is attached to the vulva and the urine is pumped through a tube into a plastic canister. So that this device does not slip, the horses are allowed to move as little as possible and are therefore fixed in the stands. Lying down relaxed is hardly possible, so that the animals can only stand for several months. They are also interesting that the hormone concentration is as high as possible. This is achieved by rationing the drinking water, often in insufficient quantities. These urine collection devices cause inflammation, chafing, and overt injuries. The legs are overloaded due to the unusual, permanent standing. As a result, the mares suffer from severe pain and even arthritic bone changes. If the foals are born, they will be weaned after 90 days, with the optimal breastfeeding period being six months. Then the children get fattened and slaughtered or they follow their mothers‘ careers, which automatically means that only female animals are needed. Early weaning is necessary because you want the mare to get pregnant again as soon as possible, so that her suffering continues until she can no longer. And what for all this torture?

So that decadent Western women do not suffer from hot flashes, sweating or insomnia due to estrogen deficiency. Oh yes, and of course the worst of all, the loss of libido. Truly terrible symptoms that seem to justify any abuse of living beings. It is at least a matter of life and death. How decadent must human beings be tacitly accepting that other living beings suffer because they feel a little uncomfortable. And for those who stomp now and think how terrible these change symptoms would be, one can confidently refer to the effect of cannabinoids, which have been shown to alleviate pain, sleep disorders and depression. And if the vagina is dry, a banal lubricant is sufficient. You can still lead to the meeting that you didn’t know. Hardly any more at the end of the article, but we are so happy to claim that we are responsible patients. It also means that we have the right to know what ingredients a prescribed medication contains and where they come from. Or does this maturity only apply if we resist being informed about the suffering of our fellow creatures? In addition to unbearable, completely unnecessary and absurd animal experiments that have little meaning for medicine, humans are always coming up with new, perfidious methods of exploitation. His imagination obviously knows no bounds. You can be really proud of yourself. Instead of researching painless methods, the whole entourage prefers to migrate to a country in which one does not care about animal suffering. Or nobody looks closely. Because in a society where nothing counts but profit, the suffering of living beings is obviously not an argument.

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