you animal you

insult, „you animal you“.

bestial, unbridled, excessive, immoral, depraved, derogatory, degrading.
reset to a non-communicative, pre-linguistic level.
subjected to pure instincts.

appreciation „you human you“.

reflective, intelligent, gifted in languages, moral, restrained, self-confident.
lifted out of the unconscious nature.
only obeying the intellect.
human is valuable.
the animal is worthless.
human is animal.
biologically speaking.
we don’t want to hear that.
human is too civilized to be nature.

the animal is too uncivilized to be more than thing.
thing to use.
for exploitation.
to abuse.
to the property.
for experimental purposes.
for amusement.
for regulated breeding.
to submission.
the cow needs 10 liters of milk per day to feed her calf.
the cow has to give 50 liters of milk per day to satisfy the greed of the people.
the bankiva chicken lays 30 eggs a year to preserve the species.
a breeding hen lays 300 eggs a year in order to meet the efficiency criteria.
6 piglets gives birth to a wild boar so that can feed them.
a breeding sow gives birth to 14 piglets in order to earn enough subsidies.
mothers and their babies.
you can only say that about people.
cows, sows, hens are not mothers.
they are throwing, laying or milking machines.
they do not give birth.
they throw.
they don’t breastfeed.
they suckle. they have no motherly love.
they only have instinct.
a mother dog rescues her cubs from a burning house. act of instinct.
a human mother saves her baby from a burning house. heroic act.

statement, „you animal you“.

finally to see.
to recognize.
the connecting.
the love.
the life.
that with each other.
human as an animal.
as a part of nature.
as embedded in the comprehensive whole.
superseded by usefulness.
also the usability.
to get to know each other.
to learn from each other.
language barriers don’t matter.
species boundaries become obsolete.
overcome exploitation.
also the abuse.
and the exploitation.
there is no more ownership of life.
just live for yourself.
and for each other.

from the insult
about the determination
in appreciation, „you animal you“.
excellent to participate in life.

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