There is no escape, not for her and not for all the others, hundreds of their companions. From the beginning she had no chance, she and all the others, because she had been born as slaughter cattle. It was decided. It was decided for her that she should be born to be murdered. Fattened up quickly. It only takes a few months. Too short a lifetime. But that was why she was born to serve the people. It was their property, with which they could do whatever they wanted. What is more, God himself had sanctioned it, had said that man could deal with other creatures as he wished. At least that’s what they say.

But what kind of God is that who approves of other living beings being brutally massacred? What kind of religion is it that demands that our fellow creatures be subjected to unnecessary torments?

Even before the slaughterhouse she could smell it, the fear and the blood. With all her strength she fought against being drawn into it, but she had no chance, never had she had a chance, like all the others. They were dragged in with brutal force across the cold, hard tiled floor. She saw the dead and how a fellow sufferer was being massacred. The throat cut was made. Then you waited until it was bled out. It seemed to take a long time. Minutes of agony until it was finally over. An anesthetic should have been prescribed, but why should you do that if there was no one to check. Another rule that was disregarded.

Shafts are called this type of anesthetic killing. The oh so good God of the Jews and Muslims has prescribed that murder should be carried out without eliminating pain. But only then is the meat halal or kosher and can be eaten. And what about animal welfare? Religious freedom is a human right. This is invoked to justify this cruel type of murder. Animal torture under the cloak of freedom. What is more important, the man-made rules that are then subjugated to some god or animal welfare?

There are certainly countries in which slaughtering is prohibited, such as in Holland, for example, where secularization really took place. It is allowed in Austria, but certain regulations must be observed. An anesthetic must be carried out immediately after the throat cut and an official veterinarian must be present during the entire slaughtering process to check the processes. A lazy compromise because it is a hot political issue. Those who demand a ban on slaughter are immediately confronted with the problem of finding support from fascist, right-wing extremist and other anti-Semitic groups. Under the guise of animal welfare, these people take the opportunity to incite against Jews and Muslims. Out of sheer panic that one could be placed in this corner, the topic is left out. Which means that you simply abandon the animals that are going through this torment. It would be entirely possible to address these processes in such a way that it becomes understandable that the aim is not to fight certain groups of people, but only to convey that no one has the right to inflict unnecessary suffering on other living beings, as is also the case in is anchored in the constitution, in which animal welfare is enshrined.

Especially since it has now become evident that a law has no value if it is not put into practice. On July 20 and 21, the slaughtering processes in a slaughterhouse in the Korneuburg district were recorded with the camera. It is clear from these records that an official veterinarian was only present for three hours during the 24 hours in which the killing took place over these two days. Otherwise, it was killed quickly and without anesthetics. In this case, the slaughter was reported to the authorities, but what about all those that take place somewhere in the backyards? The control simply leaves out. It is therefore necessary to look and file a complaint, because no god and no religion can justify the cruel murder of other living beings. Only an absolute ban on slaughter and ultimately a ban on killing would be effective, but that will be some time in coming. Until this is achieved, everything must be done to ensure that slaughtering is free of fear, stress and pain, as the legislature also prescribes.

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